Our Team

Our team comprises a diverse group of experienced industry professionals aligned by common values and vision, a commitment to building a better future for our country and all who call it home, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. We prioritise agility and results, as a group of individuals driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, and the integrity and diligence to ensure proper governance in our respective roles.

If you are interested in joining us, send an email to hr@mulilo.com for information regarding the application process. 


Organisation & Management

Our organisation is designed to enable accountability, empower our employees and promote efficient investment decisions.
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Jan Oberholzer
Execs Headshot 11
Johnny Cullum
Chief Executive Officer
Execs Headshot 7
Christopher Aberdein
Senior Strategy Advisor
Execs Headshot 5
Warren Morse
Head of Engineering & Interconnection
Execs Headshot 2
Nikita Nicholson
General Manager Asset Management
Execs Headshot 4
Stuart MacWilliam
Head of Strategy, Mergers & Acquisitions
Execs Headshot 3
Irma Pienaar
Head of Procurement
Execs Headshot 9
Avra Moodley
Head of Legal
Jurgen Senke (1)
Jurgen Senke
Head of Construction
Headshot 7
Seithati Bolipombo
Head of Project Finance & Economic Development